Lourdes Tourist & Travel Agency LTD, is an opened mined Christian family-owned and operated. It was founded officially in the first of February 2007 in Jerusalem City, even thou our experience go back to nearly more than 15 years in the field of tourism.

MR. Simon Makhlouf, the founder of this agent had a spiritual vision that leads him to go through the business, in which we could feel that from the name of the agent it self.

The name of the agent hence its name from the owner daughter's name Lourdes. Lourdes was named after one of the names of the virgin Marry. Since then, Lourdes Tourist & Travel Agency has become one of the most experienced and client oriented tour operators in the Holy Land.

As a Christian family, we realize the special needs of visitors coming on a Christian Pilgrimage; however, as we are Arabs we could understand the importance of our land for both Jews and Muslims as well, so our personalized and complete service distinguishes our company from others in our field. With our short period of experience and commitment, serving hundreds of pilgrims throughout the years, our professional staff has always fulfilled their promise of giving the best tours and services in the region, for both Christian and Muslim pilgrimage.

Over the years, the family of Lourdes Tourist & Travel has its experience and vision to break the barrier between the Christians of the West and the local communities of the Holy Land. Give them the opportunity to know the locals and listening to their stories, brings the world closer together. Our goal is to let our pilgrims feel that they are connected to this land and try to find there biblical and cultural roots in this holy land, the land of our father Abraham.


We as Lourdes Tourist & Travel has  been building a solid reputation and a very loyal customer base. We are committed to doing our part so that each client has an unforgettable grace filled journey. 


Lourdes bureau is ready to make your pilgrimage to the Holy Land the spiritual experience that will be a life-changing moment for you, your friends, family, faith community and fellow pilgrims.


Tel: +972  (2) 627 - 53-32

Fax: +972 (2) 627 - 53-36

E-mail: Manager@lourdes-travel.com


Address: 10 Al-Zahra St.  Jerusalem
P.O.Box: 17219

'' We are committed to simplifying the business of travel, responding to change, and providing the best service possible to our corporate travelers ''


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