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Join the Footsteps of Jesus pilgrimage

The desire to be a pilgrim is deeply rooted in human nature. Since the earliest times, pilgrimages to holy places have been made as acts of devotion, penance or thanksgiving, or to seek blessings or miracles.

A pilgrimage is a sacred journey in which God is encountered through the places, people and situations a pilgrim meets.

The physical journey coincides with an inner spiritual journey that reflects the concept of life itself as a pilgrimage towards heaven.

Taking part in a pilgrimage offers more than just spiritual benefits. It enriches the mind as well as the soul, by seeing how other people live, gaining an appreciation of their cultures and history, experiencing the sights and smells of their markets and bazaars, and sharing in what they eat and drink.

From the early centuries of the Christian Church, prayerful pilgrims made their way to the sacred places where Jesus lived and died and appeared after his Resurrection.

For a Christian, a pilgrimage to the Holy Land can be a life-changing and challenging experience — an experience which then makes every Bible reading come alive and have new meaning.

The Bible was the guidebook for these early Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land.

Preparation is necessary

Preparation is important if a pilgrim is to obtain the most benefit from a pilgrimage. This is especially so for a group pilgrimage to the Holy Land, since time is usually limited and most of it is committed to a preplanned schedule.

To arrive in the correct state of mind, preparation should be not merely on the material level, but even more so on the spiritual level.

For the Christian pilgrim, preparation can include reading Scripture passages relating to the sites being visited.

Whether the pilgrimage is a once-in-a-lifetime experience or not, the pilgrim should be able to look forward to it as a privileged time in his or her life.

Such an experience can be a time of spiritual nourishment, of deepened faith, of soul-searching and discernment, of new resolutions and strengthened commitments — and, yes, of fun, enjoyment and new friendships.

Lourdes team is a well prepared local team with wide experience in preparing the best programs ever for our Christian Pilgrims to the Holy Land.


Our Christian tours are designed to fit the highest needs and interests of our Christian pilgrims, and providing them with the best possible program and services.

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